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Gentle and Expert Tooth Extractions

At Primecare Dental, we understand that sometimes a tooth extraction is necessary. Whether it’s a simple extraction or a more complex procedure, we ensure your comfort and well-being every step of the way. Visit us for gentle and expert tooth extractions you can rely on.

The Tooth Extraction Process

A tooth extraction involves pulling the tooth out, including the root, in order to remedy a pre-existing or yet-to-come dental condition. It is accomplished using either local or general anaesthetic to numb the area, depending on the amount and size of the teeth requiring removal, and can be over and done with during just one appointment here at Primecare Dental.

The tooth extraction process is not nearly as painful or difficult as it may sound. Here at Primecare Dental, we make it as comfortable and quick as possible and the healing factor of the mouth and gums is such that you’ll find yourself right as rain in no time.

Why do we need to extract teeth?

There are various reasons why you may need a tooth extracted. Here are some of the most common reasons why:

  • When your dentist has assessed a tooth is too damaged from tooth decay or other dental problem and it is beyond saving, you would benefit from tooth removal and replacement by an artificial tooth.
  • To fix crowding or severely misaligned tooth growth through extraction orthodontics.
  • Painful or impacted wisdom teeth.

Our goal is to remove the affected tooth to promote healing, prevent complications, and maintain overall oral health. Our experienced team will guide you through the process and discuss suitable options for tooth replacement if required.


What to expect after getting your tooth extracted

When it comes to the specific things to expect following the procedure, you will be informed of what to do in your specific case by your dentist. These expectations and steps can vary depending on whether your extraction was easy or more difficult, but here are a few general things:

1. A tooth extraction classifies as surgery. Unfortunately there will be some discomfort around the extraction site, however, it is usually minimal. Anti-inflammatory pain medication is usually the best way to combat pain caused by surgical extractions, as it reduces the resulting inflammation without putting you out of commission. You can also put an ice pack on your face to reduce any obvious swelling.

2. You’ll be asked to bite down on some gauze for twenty to thirty minutes following your extraction in order to stem the bleeding. Mouth injuries tend to bleed more than others due to the large number of capillaries, so this is nothing to be concerned about.

3. Be prepared to eat soft, cool foods like ice cream or soups for the days following your extraction.

4. Rinse the gap with saline (salt water) to clean it at least once a day for the initial healing stage – about two weeks.

5. Do not smoke, use a straw, or spit after surgery, as the disruption of the blood clot in the gap can lead to complications.

Come and see us for comfortable and quick tooth removal.

Contact us today to set up a consultation if you think you are in need of a simple extraction or any other dental services. Start on the path toward a brighter and happier smile with the specialists at Primecare Dental!

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