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Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatment involves safely straightening and realigning crooked or spaced teeth, guiding facial development and ensuring healthy growth in the jaw.  

Why consider braces or orthodontic treatment? 

Teeth braces are typically used to straighten your teeth and correct the positioning of crooked teeth. However, orthodontic treatment is also beneficial for overall oral health and not just aesthetics, as braces also allow for better harmony of the oral structures.

 Crowded teeth can cause more bacterial buildup, leading to dental decay and gum disease. Meanwhile, misalignment of teeth can lead to pain or discomfort in the jaws, headaches, and even impairment of speech. 

In the past, orthodontic treatment was only considered for kids. Now, they are routinely prescribed for adults as well. If you want a perfect smile that will improve your self-confidence, you can count on Primecare Dental for access to leading orthodontic treatment providers Auckland has to offer. 

What dental problems require orthodontic treatment?

Misalignment of teeth is a common problem for New Zealanders of all ages and is usually caused by genetic factors out of our control. Fortunately, orthodontic treatment such as braces, and clear aligners can correct these problems, leading to a straighter smile.

Some dental alignment issues that require orthodontic treatment include:

  • Crossbite: The lower teeth are set outside the upper teeth.
  • Crowding: The jaw does not afford the teeth enough space to erupt and properly align.
  • Openbite: The upper and lower teeth do not overlap at all when the mouth is closed.
  • Overbite: The upper jaw extends too far beyond the lower jaw.
  • Spacing: Gaps exist between the teeth due to too much space in the jaw or missing teeth.
  • Underbite: The lower jaw extends too far beyond the upper jaw.

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