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Restore Your Dental Health with Expert Root Canal Treatments

Root canal treatment can be intimidating, but at our clinic, we have skilled professionals who excel in this procedure. With their expertise, the process is efficient, ensuring that your tooth is pain-free in no time. Say goodbye to the fear and trust our experienced team to restore your dental health through top-quality root canal treatments.

What is Root Canal Therapy for?

Root canal therapy is performed on teeth that are badly damaged due to decay, gum disease or injury, and would otherwise have to be extracted. People opt for this procedure in order to save their natural teeth rather than having them replaced with fake teeth, as natural teeth often function much better than their artificial counterparts. Natural teeth are stronger, more efficient for biting and chewing, and they are much easier to keep clean. Thus, patients who opt for root canal therapy are opting to restore the tooth from the inside out, maintaining the existing root and fixing the decay inside.

The Root Canal Treatment Process

Restore Your Dental Health with Root Canal Treatment at Primecare Dental. Our simple steps ensure a comfortable and effective process:

  • Consultation: Begin with an assessment by our dentists to determine if a root canal is the best option. If approved, schedule your first appointment.
  • First Appointment: In this visit, the infected pulp is removed, and the root canals are cleaned and shaped. Medications may be applied, and a temporary filling is placed.
  • Second Appointment: The root canals are filled, and a filling is placed. A crown is recommended after a root canal is done.

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