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Benefits of Same Day Dentistry

Usually, having your crown done was an exhaustively long process that would take place across at least two visits. However, this will no longer be the case, as Primecare Dental now offers CEREC & 3Shape Same-Day Dentistry! Here is what you can expect from this:

  • No impressions

Using the neat bit of tech that is our digital scanner, our team captures a full-mouth image in seconds. You will no longer have to attempt to unhinge your jaw to take impressions of your teeth!

  • No temporaries

With same-day crowns and bridges, you will not have to make those repeat trips to the dentist and suffer the injections every time. In just one visit, you’ll walk out of the dentist’s office with your permanent restoration, perfectly fitting your teeth and looking just like them. 

  • No worries

The tech we use has been proven to produce high-quality results and has been embraced by millions of patients around the world. So, you can rest assured!

Restorations with CEREC® – Created and Installed in a Single Visit

CEREC is a revolutionary piece of technology that transforms the way dental restorations are provided. With the help of CEREC, we can create custom crowns, inlays, onlays, and veneers in just one visit, thus eliminating the need for messy impressions and lengthy waiting periods. 

Using the CEREC system, we can:

  1. Scan your teeth
  2. Design your restorations
  3. Fabricate it right in the clinic

Thus, we ensure high-quality results and the perfect dental experience. With the help of CEREC, same-day dentistry is now possible!

What is CEREC Same Day Dentistry?

Here is how Primecare Dental uses CEREC Same Day Dentistry in Auckland! 

  1. We begin by using our state-of-the-art laser scanning device to capture precise 3D impressions of your teeth. We have completely removed the need to manually take impressions of teeth, making it so much easier and neater!
  2. This, in turn, is used to create a highly accurate 3D CAD rendering of your restoration. 
  3. Our skilled clinicians use advanced digital design software to then create custom restorations that perfectly match your unique dental structure. 
  4. Our CAM system springs into action, making your restoration out of high-quality porcelain with precision and efficiency.

No more waiting for constructions to be made off-site and be given a temporary restoration – everything is done in-house, ensuring optimal control and quality. What’s more, this process doesn’t take long at all! It can be done and dusted in as much as 90 minutes!

Consult with our experienced dentists in Auckland and find out more about this process and whether or not it would be the right solution for your teeth! Book an appointment with us today and rediscover the beautiful smile that you always had with Primecare Dental

3Shape: Precision Scanning and Unparalleled Design

Welcome to the world of digital dentistry at our practice, where we strive to provide you with the best possible dental experience using the remarkable 3Shape TRIOS 3. This state-of-the-art intraoral 3D scanner is revolutionising the way dental practices and labs operate, delivering unmatched precision and efficiency across a wide range of dental applications. With the 3Shape Trios Design Studio, we take our commitment to excellence even further. This innovative system empowers our dental professionals to design and create a variety of restorations, including crowns, veneers, and bridges, with exceptional precision and quality. Its user-friendly interface and smart AI Crown technology streamline the design process, saving you time and ensuring optimal results. Join us in experiencing the future of digital dentistry with the 3Shape workflow, and let us transform your smile into a true work of art.

Z4: Crafting the Perfect Prosthesis withoutCompromise

At Primecare Dental, we are proud to introduce the revolutionary Z4 Dental Mill, an advanced dental milling solution that brings same-day dentistry to a whole new level. With the Z4 Dental Mill, you can experience the convenience of completing your dental restorations in just one visit, without compromising on quality or precision.

The Power of 3Shape X Z4 Dental Mill: Efficiency andPrecision Combined

At Primecare Dental, we are proud to introduce you to the powerful combination of the 3Shape workflow and the revolutionary Z4 Dental Mill. This dynamic duo takes same-day dentistry to new heights, allowing us to provide you with efficient and exceptional dental restorations in just one visit. With the Trios Design Studio, our skilled dental professionals can create customised restorations with precision and artistry, ensuring a perfect fit and natural aesthetics. The final step is the Z4 Dental Mill, an advanced milling machine that fabricates your restorations from high-quality materials, delivering durable and lifelike results. Experience the convenience of completing your dental treatment in a single visit, without compromising on quality or accuracy.

Discover the benefits of the Z4 Dental Mill:

  • Same-day dentistry: With the Z4 Dental Mill, we can create high-quality restorations on-site, allowing you to leave our office with a beautiful and functional smile in a single day.
  • Unparalleled precision: Our Z4 Dental Mill utilises cutting-edge technology to ensure exceptional accuracy and fit of your dental restorations.
  • Enhanced patient experience: With the Z4 Dental Mill, you can enjoy a streamlined and efficient process, minimising your time spent in the dental chair and maximising your comfort.

Expert guidance and care: Our experienced dental team is dedicated to providing you with personalised attention and guidance throughout your Z4 Dental Mill experience.

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