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Preventative Dental Services & Dental Hygiene

Preventative dental services are aimed at tackling tooth decay and wear in the most effective way possible, and that always starts with dental hygiene as recommended by your practitioner. Regular visits to your dentist are necessary for your prolonged oral health, as they can pick up on problems in their early stages and tackle them before they become more severe.

What is Preventative Dentistry?

Preventative dentistry covers everything your dentist does that doesn’t tackle an immediate problem, and is focused on performing regular preventative measures that deter future problems from occurring. Below are some of our recommended practices.

  • Go for regular dental exams. Your dentist will be able to check up on all aspects of your dental health, and if there is a problem starting to manifest, they’ll give you the best recommendations to tackle it before it becomes a severe impact on your health. If left unattended, problems like this can lead to root canal treatments, extractions and crowns being needed, which are costly and time-consuming.
  • Dental X-rays. We offer the latest in digital x-rays which are routinely used to diagnose early decay, abscesses and periodontal (gum disease) problems. We can monitor the growth and crowding of your teeth and perform any necessary extractions early on as well.
  • Scaling and cleaning. To maintain excellent oral health, you should also attend your dentist for regular cleanings. Cleaning and scaling remove plaque buildup on teeth and around your gums in order to extend the life of your natural teeth. Oral hygiene instruction, the application of concentrated fluoride and periodontal condition charting are just a few of the extra services our hygienist is able to help you with when you come to our practice.
  • Dental hygiene education. Preventative care starts with dental hygiene at home. We encourage our patients to take on good dental habits, as well as teaching proper technique on brushing, flossing, and rinsing with mouthwash to prevent unwanted dental problems.

Why is preventative dentistry important?

Just like everything else in life, it’s better to head off a dental problem before it occurs, rather than dealing with the pitfalls of complacency. That’s why we recommend implementing a few dental routines that encourage your dental health. These dental hygiene practices will prevent the occurrence of dental problems such as gum disease, plaque buildup, bad breath, and tooth cavities – all which usually results from a lack of consistent oral health practices.

In addition, it’s much easier to deal with dental issues if you have strong foundational oral health – if they do crop up. For example, if you’re dealing with overcrowding and need to have a tooth extracted, you will be much less likely to deal with post-procedure complications if you already have good routines in place.

Prolong the life of your teeth.

Here at Primecare Dental, we’re able to offer you all of the necessary services to keep you smiling with healthy and strong teeth for years to come. Contact us today to set up a cleaning and consultation dental visits and get the best dental care for you and your family!

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