Clear Aligners Next Steps

We hope to be your partner in your journey to straight, beautiful teeth. Have a read of what comes next if you would like to continue on this journey. 

After your initial consultations

  1. Have a read of the Treatment Financial Agreement and the Orthodontic Information & Informed Consent Document. Sign the Financial Agreement if you would like to continue. 
  2. Book in with us for Record-taking where we will take all necessary photos, X-rays and Scans to plan your case for Clear Aligners. A non-refundable $350 fee will apply at this appointment. 

After Record-taking

  1. It takes several weeps to plan your case prior to ordering your aligners. 

Once ordered, fabrication of your aligners begins

  1. Once they have arrive, in roughly 3 weeks, we can start aligning your teeth! This appointment will take an hour. Attachments will be placed on your teeth and we will show you how to care for and use your new aligners. Please brush your teeth before coming to this appointment. 
  2. Regular appointments are scheduled to ensure your teeth are tracking according to plan. Following the instructions of use is vital to getting the best results possible. 

*Delays can occur with supply-chain issues, pandemic-related issues and other Global- & New Zealand-related issues. 

Each person’s teeth are unique. If your dentist’s instruction differ from the above, please follow their advice.

Thank you for choosing us.

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